“This is probably a stupid question, but…”

Welcome to Optotec’s blog! In this blog, we will answer questions that our clients have asked us over the years about product development and mechanical design. Quite often, these questions have started with an introductory clause like “this might be a stupid question, but…” and the person asking the question has seemed visibly embarrassed.

In our opinion, there are no stupid questions. There are only situations and circumstances where the asker and the answerer possess a different level of expertise in the topic in question. We understand that product development services may not be easy to comprehend, and not every client is familiar with the technical jargon in our industry. We also understand that not every client has a deep understanding of the product development process. And neither should they. That is why we are here.

Optotec’s mission is to serve clients with all kinds of levels of expertise. From this standpoint, we had an idea of a Q&A style blog, through which we could enlighten our clients on topics around our industry or services they could find puzzling.

Would you like to ask us something about mechanical design or product development? Ask away, and who knows, you might get an answer to your question already in our next blog post! You can send us questions at marketing@optotec.fi or by filling in the form below.

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