Our Services

We are happy to help you at all stages of product development. We are experts in mechanical design and product development, but we also have strong know-how in computer-aided engineering as well as technical documentation and parts procurement. Our services naturally also include consultancy. Read more about our services below.

Quick Consultation

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In Quick Consultation, our product development specialist consults you on the implementation of your product idea. The scope and content of the consultation is tailored to your needs. This service is for you, if…

  • You have a product idea, but don’t know how to start implementing it and what it contains.
  • You want a rough price estimate on the implementation of your product idea.
  • You want an expert’s opinion on your product idea or need help with developing it.


Mechanical Design & Product Development is a service that covers practically all the stages of the product development process. It solves e.g. the following problems:

  • You have a product idea and need help with producing the design documents needed at manufacturing the product.
  • You have a prototype and need help with developing it to be manufactured with mass-production methods. 
  • You have a finished product, but it is too expensive to manufacture.
  • You have a finished product, but it needs updating.

Mechanical Design &
Product Development

A mechanical engineer designing a led lighting with a CAD software.

Computer-Aided Engineering


If you have a product or idea of a product that is supposed to be used in or subjected to demanding conditions, it is important to make sure that your product’s design satisfies these demands. This can be done by utilizing computer-aided engineering (CAE), i.e. different kinds of simulations. 

The key benefits of using simulations are: 

  • It speeds up the product development process by minimizing the number of prototypes and the need for testing. 
  • It helps to detect possible problems with the design of your product, offering a chance to make improvements in its safety, functionality, and design before it goes into production. 

In order to bring your product into production and eventually launch it, you may need a variety of technical documents. We can provide you with a wide range of technical documents, including: 

  • CE documents
  • Installation instructions
  • Assembly instructions
  • Maintenance guides
  • User’s manuals
  • Spare parts list

Technical Documentation

Parts Manufacturing & Procurement


Parts manufacturing and procurement is a service for anyone looking for an effortless and careless way to handle procurement of parts for their products. This service is for you, if… 

  • You need a reliable manufacturer for your parts and wish to outsource the procurement process to us. 
  • There is a problem with the manufacturing of your product, or you are not satisfied with the quality of your current manufacturer.
  • You don’t have time or expertise to handle all the things involved in parts manufacturing and procurement, such as offer requests for moulds and parts, mould approvals, and parts inspections.


When you need a mechanical designer, but don’t have one on your payroll, our Rent-a-Designer service is a perfect solution for you. Renting a designer instead of hiring one is convenient, if…

  • You only have a temporary or seasonal need for a designer, or need different kinds of designer resources at different times. 
  • You don’t want to go through a long and exhausting recruitment process in order to find a talented mechanical designer.
  • You don’t have designing software and don’t feel like investing in such. 


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