Is your company facing a project where you need a mechanical designer, but you don’t have one on your payroll? Or do you need extra hands for your product development team? We are happy to rent you one or more of our designers. Our Rent-a-Designer service is an ideal solution in both short-term resource needs and long-term or continuous resource needs.

A variety of experts for a variety of purposes


Rent-a-Designer service is suitable for all companies in need of experts in mechanical design, computer-aided engineering, technical documentation, software development or industrial design and looking for a convenient and flexible way to acquire such experts. We have a wide variety of experts, thanks to which we can serve customers in various industries. All our designers have an engineer’s degree, and their designing experience varies from 2 to more than 20 years covering, e.g., the following: 

  • Design of machined or sheet metal parts
  • Design of steel and aluminium structures
  • Design of injection-moulded parts
  • Design and assembly of prototypes
  • Design of optical devices
  • Design of electronic devices
  • Design of medical devices
  • Design of products with a high IP rating
  • Computer-aided engineering
  • Technical documentation
  • UI/UX design
  • SW development

Competent designers without an arduous recruitment process


One of the main benefits of the Rent-a-Designer service is its flexibility and effortlessness: you will get an expert even on short notice and will only pay for the designer’s work input for as long as you need it. Thanks to the service, you will also avoid the long and exhausting recruitment process that finding a good expert typically requires. 


The main benefits of renting a designer:

  • You will get a competent expert on short notice.
  • You don’t have to invest in expensive design software or equipment. 
  • You will always get an expert with the right kind of know-how.
  • You will get fresh ideas and different points of view on your project. 
  • You can maximize the use of your resources. 

A flexible solution in both short and long-term need of additional resources


Renting a designer is an ideal solution in the following situations: 

  • You need additional resources in your product development project. 
  • Your firm or product development team lacks for experts in mechanical designers, computer-aided engineering or technical documentation. 
  • You need a substitute for an employee on a holiday or sick leave.
  • You have a seasonal need for additional resources. 

This is how it works


These are the main steps of the Rent-a-Designer service

  1. Ask for an offer by filling in the form below or by contacting us by phone or e-mail.
  2. We will make you an offer based on your requirements.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the offer, and if everything seems to be in order, accept it. 
  4. We will send you an order confirmation.
  5. The designer is at your service for the agreed time. He or she can either work on your premises (Oulu region) or our own – whichever option you find more convenient. 
  6. We will invoice you for the designer’s work hours monthly according to the terms specified in the offer. You won’t have to worry about any indirect wage costs since the rented designer is still on Optotec’s payroll. 


You can now ask for an offer conveniently by filling in the form below!  If you ask for an offer by using the form, we will send you an offer within two working days. If you prefer contacting us by phone or e-mail, this is naturally also fine with us! You will reach us by phone at +358 40 632 9649 and by e-mail at

Ask for an offer

Please fill in the form as thoroughly as possible. If you leave out some information necessary for completing the offer, we will contact you for additional information. If you want an offer for more than one designers, please mention this in the “Additional information” field.