Versatility is the key to our success

Our designers have long and wide experience in different areas of mechanical design and product development. Whether you need a small or large product, a simple or complicated product, or a product made of plastic or metal, we have the expertise to design it. Below you will find a few examples of the types of products our employees have designed or developed.

Optical devices

  • Optical measurement devices
  • Spectral camera for aviation
  • Led lighting solutions for streets and industrial use

Medical devices

  • Medical imaging solutions
  • Syringe for a medicinal substance
  • Filling machine for a medical syringe

Industrial devices

  • Machine automation systems for e.g. food industry
  • Industrial calibration and testing equipment
  • Vehicle equipment
  • Machine shelters

Electronic devices

  • Quality control devices
  • Measurement devices (e.g. gas analyser)
  • Testing equipment
  • Car electronics
  • Mobile phones and accessories

Customer stories

Along the years, we have helped our customers with many different kinds of product development challenges. In the customer stories below,  you will find more detailed information about our role in our customers’ success stories.

Our customers

As a result of professionally executed projects, we have been able to establish many prosperous customer relationships.  Below you will find a few examples of our satisfied customers.