Quick Consultation

When you have a product idea, but don’t know what implementing it involves, our Quick Consultation is exactly what you need. In Quick Consultation, our expert will evaluate the feasibility of your product idea and guide you through the steps that are required to implement it.

If your product idea is found realizable and you want to take the next step in the product development process, our expert can draft you a quotation for the design work, if you so wish.  Since the Quick Consultation has a fixed price, it is a risk-free way to learn about the product development process and get an expert’s opinion on the feasibility of your product idea. 

A hand drawn picture of a bright light bulb surrounded with crumpled pieces of paper, pens, ruler and a compass.

Quick Consultation only costs 249 euros (VAT 0), and if you decide to order the design work from us as well, this is reduced from the total price of the project. Book your Quick Consultation by filling in the form below, by e-mail sales@optotec.fi or by phone +358 40 134 6962.