One of our key strengths as a product development partner is our expertise in productionisation. The role of productionisation is highlighted when a new product is being taken to mass production. However, its principles are also applicable to optimizing the manufacturing process and cost structure of existing products. Read below how productionisation know-how can be utilised at the different stages of the product development process.

New product design


Thanks to our strong know-how in productionisation, we can consider things that are critical in terms of a product’s manufacturability already at the design stage. In practice, this means that we know how to choose the most cost-effective manufacturing method for your product, as well as consider the requirements and limitations it sets for the product’s design and the design documents. When the manufacturability aspect is kept in mind at the design stage, it helps minimize problems in the production ramp-up stage. In addition, the manufacturing stage is much quicker and cheaper when there is no need for several rounds of improvement.

Customer stories on the subject

Klaimber Person Lifting Chair’s journey from an idea to a commercial product

Production ramp-up


When a product is about to be taken to mass production, a product development partner with deep productionisation expertise can save you from many worries.

We will ensure that your product’s design is in all aspects ideal in terms of manufacturability and cost-efficiency. We will also see that the production runs smoothly by making sure that your product has adequate manufacturing documentation, version control, change history control and a test plan for production. If needed, we will be on-site at the factory to supervise the production of the pre-series and to consult the factory about optimization of the manufacturing process and eliminating disruptions in production.

Further development of existing products


When existing products are further developed, productionisation expertise becomes handy especially when the project aims at cost-reduction, i.e. to minimize manufacturing costs.

Is your product difficult or expensive to manufacture? Our engineers have several tools in their toolboxes for improving manufacturability and reducing manufacturing costs. Check the example of a real client case to see how significant savings can be achieved through productionisation.

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