Parts Manufacturing & Procurement

You can also outsource the manufacturing and procurement of parts to us. Our in-house manufacturing mainly covers prototypes and small batches of 3D-printable plastic products. In the procurement of parts made by other manufacturing methods, such as machining or injection moulding, we use our global network of manufacturing partners.

We are a parts supplier for both parts we have designed ourselves and parts that have been designed earlier by someone else. In the latter case, the parts procurement project can include a review and possible modifications of your product’s design documents (3D models and 2D drawings). The modifications may be related to, e.g. the manufacturability of your product.

Procurement service in a nutshell


When you outsource the procurement of parts to us, we will choose a suitable manufacturer for them and handle all the bureaucracy it involves. Once you have accepted our offer, the next step is typically manufacturing a small pre-series before moving on to mass production. We will inspect the parts made in the production of the pre-series and then send them to you for approval. If the pre-series is in all aspects acceptable, the parts can be taken into mass production. A typical batch of mass production is 100-10 000 units. Once the parts come from production, we will inspect them and then deliver them to you.

Three reasons to rely on us in the procurements of parts:


  • Effortlessness: We will handle all the bureaucracy it involves, such as the offer requests for moulds and parts, as well as freight and other transportation arrangements. We will also take care of mould approvals, parts inspections and other measures included in the process. 
  • Carelessness: We have an established supplier network, to which we have qualified only operators we have found to be reliable and of high quality.
  • Expertise: We are familiar with the possibilities and limitations of different manufacturing methods. We pay attention to manufacturability and cost-effectiveness in product design and development. 

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