Optotec is now a service provider for ELY Centre’s Business Development Services

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) has accepted Optotec Group Oy as a service provider for the Business Development Services. The purpose of the Business Development Services is to support the growth and development of SMEs and encourage them to utilise the expertise of external consultants.

As a service provider, Optotec offers consulting services in the field of commercialisation of innovations. The service aims to provide the customer means of utilising innovations and converting them to successful business opportunities. The service is intended for both starting and established SMEs that have the prerequisites for profitable operations in the future and strive for growth, for example, by reforming their service or product concept.  

In terms of commercialising innovations, we are happy to help our customers with, e.g., conducting different kinds of studies related to product development. Consulting can involve, for instance, ideating products, carrying out a concept study, or having a cost estimate done.

A company can be granted 2-5 consulting days with one application and all in all 15 consulting days in three years.

How does it work?

  1. A company defines its development needs and applies for funding from ELY Centre.
  2. ELY Centre estimates whether the applicant is eligible for the grant, and in case the funding is granted, places an order for the service provider.
  3. The service provider provides the service for the company.

Ask more about the funding and consulting services from our expert (+358 40 134 6962) or contact the ELY Centre’s advisors

For more information on the funding (in Finnish or Swedish), please see also the ELY Centre’s website.