Optotec is now a service provider for Business Finland's innovation voucher

We have registered as a service provider for Business Finland’s innovation voucher. The innovation voucher is funding intended for SMEs for purchasing expert services related to innovation activities.

In innovation voucher funding, the amount of aid is €5.000, which is 100% of the amount of purchased services excluding VAT. The aid is transferred to your company after you have approved and paid for the work performed by the chosen service provider. 

The innovation voucher can be used for purchasing expert services, which are connected to developing products, services or processes with international growth potential. Concrete applications for the voucher are, for example, services related to the development of a product or service strategy, making demos or prototypes, assessment or testing and measurement services or acquiring expert statements. At Optotec, the voucher can be used, for example, for conducting a concept creation process or having a cost estimate done.

To get more detailed information about the innovation voucher, go to https://www.businessfinland.fi/en/for-finnish-customers/services/funding/research-and-development/innovation-voucher/.

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