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Do you need help designing a new product? We are by your side at all stages of the product development process, from concept development and system design to prototype design and acquisition, product design, testing and production ramp-up. Whether you need help at one particular stage of the product development process or want someone to take care of the entire process from concept development to mass production, we are the right partner for you. Below you can read more about our services related to the main phases of the product development process.

Concept development and system design


At the beginning of the product development process, before the implementation stage, one must choose the best way to bring the product idea to life. Depending on the product, there might be several different ways of implementing the product idea in terms of shape, materials, size, functions etc. Also, the product’s intended use or the use environment can set different kinds of requirements and/or limitations to the design. For this reason, the product development process typically starts with concept development, during which the foundations for the design work are built.

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During the concept development phase, our expert evaluates the feasibility of your product idea and goes through the optional concepts for it with you. The system design phase often includes a so-called requirement specification which involves listing all the features and factors that have to be considered during the design phase. If your product is intended to be mainly used outdoors, for example, this sets certain requirements for the product’s weather-resistance features. This, in turn, has to be taken into account when choosing the materials for the products etc.

Prototype design, build/acquisition and assembly


Developing a new product often involves building one or more prototypes. With the help of prototypes, it is possible to compare different implementation options, study a product’s features or test its functions. A concrete prototype helps both the designer and the client to better grasp whether the final product will meet all the requirements. It is also easier to present the product idea, e.g., to investors when you have a concrete prototype.

Do you need a prototype? We have a long experience in prototype design, and we will also take care of the manufacturing/acquisition and assembly of your prototype.

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Product design


Before a product can be manufactured, it must be designed. The design work is executed with so-called CAD software, and during the process, the designer produces all the design documentation needed for the manufacturing of the product: a 3D model and 2D drawings of the product, part lists, assembly drawings and instructions. This process of transforming a product idea into a concrete and manufacturable form in the form of design documentation is called mechanical design. With professionally drafted design documents, the product is easy to put into production.

During our company’s history, we have designed a wide variety of products, from simple consumer products to complicated industrial automation equipment. We consider versatility as one of our key strengths as an engineering office. Check out our references page for more information about the products we have designed.

In addition to our extensive design experience, one of our strengths is that, in addition to mechanical design know-how, we have strong expertise in productionisation and computer-aided engineering. Thanks to our expertise in productionisation, we can consider things that are critical in terms of manufacturability, already at the design stage. Due to this, the production ramp-up stage is far more straightforward. With the help of computer-aided engineering, it is possible to virtually test the product’s features already at the design stage and make sure that the product will work as planned. This helps save both time and money in the product development process.

Depending on the product and the customer’s needs, product design can, in addition to mechanical design, also involve other areas of design, such as industrial design, UI/UX design, SW design, HW design, PLC design or package design. We can provide you with all these design services.

Testing services


Before putting a product into production, it is often necessary to conduct different kinds of tests to ensure that the product works as it should and meets all the requirements. There can be, for example, directives and standards that a product has to comply with, and the compliance is often verified through testing. In designing and testing electrical equipment, for example, one must consider at least the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act. Additional requirements may come from the Low Voltage Directive and other equipment-specific standards. In addition to tests related to safety regulations, one might need to test how the product reacts to different kinds of stress factors, such as humidity, temperature changes or vibration (environment testing), or ensure that the product works as it should (mechanics and product testing).

When you buy testing services from us, we will first study the relevant directives, standards and other requirements and then draft testing plans accordingly. Depending on the nature of the tests, we will either conduct the tests ourselves or through our reliable test laboratory partners. Once the tests have been conducted, we will deliver you the necessary reports/summary and if needed, consult you on the results. The test reports will form a section of the technical file, which, in turn, will become a part of the product’s technical documentation. We also provide other technical documentation services.

We provide testing services both as a part of the development process of a new product and for verifying the conformity of existing products. By choosing a product development partner with testing requirement know-how from the start you can rest assured that the requirements will be considered already at the design stage which means fewer problems at the testing stage.

However, if your product has already been designed, we can still help you ensure that your product meets the requirements before testing it. In this case, we will go through the requirements and regulations related to it and then check out the design documentation to find out whether your product meets them. Should we detect such problems in the design that will prevent your product from passing the necessary tests, we will make you an offer for the required modifications (or consult your design department on the matter). After this, we can arrange the tests for your product.

Production ramp-up and support


When the product is ready to be taken into (mass) production, we will choose a suitable manufacturer for it from our worldwide network of manufacturing partners. We will take care of the offer requests for the manufacturing of the product/parts and moulds, as well as the possible assembly of the product.

After choosing a suitable manufacturer (and possible assembler), we will handle the possible mould-acceptance process and consult the factory on the production ramp-up. If necessary, we will be on-site at the factory to ensure that the ramp-up stage runs smoothly.

The manufacturing of mass-production products/parts is typically started by manufacturing a smaller pre-series to ensure that the product is in all aspects as expected. The mass production begins after a successful pre-series. The manufactured parts will be checked according to our instructions either by our company or some other assembly partner. After this, the parts or the assembled product are delivered to you.

We also offer production support. Should there be any problems with manufacturing your product, we can help the factory with problem-solving.

At some point in a product’s life cycle, it might be necessary to update the product in terms of its looks, features or manufacturing method, for example. We are happy to help you with the further development of your product.

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