Mechanical Design & Product Development

Do you need help designing a new product or improving an existing product? Whether you need help at one particular stage of the product development process or want someone to take care of the entire process from concept development to mass production, we are the right partner for you. Below you can read more about the main phases of the product development process.

Concept development and system design


At the beginning of the product development process, before the product idea is put into implementation, one must estimate, what would be the best way to bring the product idea to life. Depending on the product, there might be several different ways of implementing the product idea in terms of shape, materials, size, and functions etc. Also, the product’s intended use or use environment can set different kinds of requirements and/or limitations to the design. For this reason, the product development process typically starts with concept development, during which frames for the design work are being set.

Hand drawn sketches of mechanical parts on a piece of paper.

In the concept development phase, our expert evaluates your product idea’s feasibility and goes through the optional concepts for it with you. The system design phase often includes a so-called requirement specification, which involves listing all the features and factors that have to be taken into account at the design phase. If your product is intended to be used mainly outdoors, this sets certain requirements for the product’s weather-resistance features, which naturally has to be taken into account when choosing the product’s materials, for example.

A mechanical engineer designing a led lighting with a CAD software.



When the main lines of your product have been determined, the design phase of your product may begin. In this phase, our expert(s) makes a detailed model of your product, carefully considering every single detail essential to the manufacturing of the product.

Depending on the product and the customer’s needs, the design phase can also include visual design, packaging design or computer-aided engineering.

As a result of the design phase, you will get a 3D model of your product, 2D part drawings, as well as assembly drawings and instructions. With professionally executed design documents, the product is easy to put into production.




After the design phase, before putting your product into production, it is often necessary to run different kinds of tests to make sure that your product works as it should and meets the requirements.

In collaboration with test laboratories worldwide, we can offer you full-scale testing services from environmental testing to mechanics and product testing.

A closeup of a testing equipment.
Engineer studying a complicated equipment with a laptop in one hand.


Production ramp-up and support


When the product is ready to be taken into mass production, we are happy to find you a reliable manufacturer for it from our worldwide network of manufacturing partners. If needed, we can also take care of the acquisition and assembly of prototypes, quotations for components, and production ramp-up.

We also offer production support. Should there be any problems with the manufacturing of your product, we can help the factory with problem-solving.

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