Paying with innovation voucher

We have registered as a service provider for Business Finland’s innovation voucher. The innovation voucher is funding intended for Finnish SMEs for purchasing expert services related to innovation activities. The total value of the voucher is 6200 euros (€5000 + VAT), and it includes a self-financing contribution of €1000 + VAT. In practice, this means that the customer only pays us the self-financing contribution, and we invoice Business Finland for the rest.

What is it for?


The innovation voucher can be used for purchasing expert services, which are connected to developing products, services or processes with international growth potential. 

Concrete applications for the voucher are, for example, services related to the development of a product or service strategy, making demos or prototypes, assessment or testing and measurement services, or acquiring expert statements. 

At Optotec, the voucher can be used, for example, for conducting a concept study or having a cost estimate done.

Who is it for?


Eligibility for the voucher includes, i.e., meeting the following criteria: 

  • The company belongs to the Prepayment register.
  • The company’s Asiakastieto Rating Alfa is at least A.
  • The company has plans related to internationalisation.
  • The company has not been awarded funding from Business Finland during the current or previous year. 
  • The company does not have outstanding tax liabilities.


To get more detailed information about the innovation voucher, go to Business Finland’s website.

Are you facing an innovation project for which you could potentially utilise the innovation voucher? Call +358 40 134 6962 or send e-mail to, and we will help you figure it out.