Uncomplicated partner
for complicated mechanical design

Optotec Group is a customer-oriented engineering office from Oulu.
 We are a reliable and uncomplicated partner at all stages of the product development process.

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Do you have a good product idea, but no idea how to get started with implementing it? Or do you have a finished product, but it needs to be updated?

We are happy to answer all your questions regarding product development. We offer high-class mechanical design for both small individual projects and complicated product development projects.


tailored service

We carefully evaluate each customer’s specific needs and only offer them the services they truly need. This way, there won’t be any unnecessary expenses for the customer.

Experienced staff

Long and wide
designing experience

Our staff consists of both experienced designers with a long work history and young enthusiastic designers with the latest know-how, which makes us a very versatile engineering office.

Top quality

High-quality designs

For us, it is important that the customer always gets carefully finished design documents. To continuously secure a high level of quality, we have an internal quality control system in use.

Reliable partner

Reliable partner

Every customer is important to us, and the customers’ needs are in the center of all our operations. To be able to meet our customers’ expectations, we listen to them very carefully. 

What do You need?

We want to serve our customers as well as possible, and for this reason, we want our services to be customer-friendly too. Below we have listed the most common needs each of our services meet to make it easier for you to determine which service is right for you.



  • I need an expert’s opinion about my product idea.
  • I need to know what it costs to implement my product idea.

Mechanical Design &
Product Development

  • I need someone to design and/or manufacture  my product.
  • I have a product, but it needs updating.


  • I want to make sure that my product works ideally in the environment and use it is designed for.


Technical Documentation

  • I need a CE marking for my product.
  • I need a brochure about my product.
  • I need a user’s manual for my product.

Rent-a-Designer service

  • I need a mechanical designer for a project.