Further development of an existing product

It is characteristic of product development that few – if any – products ever reach a point where they are completely ready. The need to further develop a product may come up at some point in the product’s life cycle for various reasons. Whether your wish to improve the features of your product, update its appearance or reduce its manufacturing costs, you can count on our expertise in the further development of your product.

Does your product need further development?


One of the most common reasons to further develop a product is high manufacturing costs. It is also typical that the motive for further development is initiated by some outside party, such as a public authority, a user of the product or a competitor.

Further development needs that are initiated by authorities can deal with, e.g. tightening of energy efficiency standards or environmental regulations regarding certain materials. When a need to further develop a product is initiated by product’s users, it usually deals with the features or the looks of the product. A competitor can motivate the further development of a product by developing competing products.

Below you will find a list of situations where you might want to consider further developing your product: 

  • The product is too expensive to manufacture. 
  • The product does not work the way it should. 
  • The product is difficult to use. 
  • The product’s maintenance costs are too high. 
  • The product does not abide by directives set by authorities. 
  • The product consumes too much energy. 
  • The technology used in the product is outdated. 
  • The product’s appearance needs updating. 
  • The product no longer sells. 

Interested in the subject?

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