Optotec - Engineered for you

Optotec Group is a customer-focused engineering office, founded in 2010. Our offices are in Oulu, but since our services are not tied to a specific place, we are capable of serving customers all over Finland and also internationally. Our core services consist of mechanical design and product development, computer-aided engineering, technical documentation, and consulting services.

Complicated products, simple services


We have specialized in high-class precision mechanics for complex and demanding products. Our strongest know-how lies with optomechatronics and optical devices, test and measurement equipment, and electromechanical devices, but thanks to our designers’ long and wide work experiences, we can handle various types of design and product development projects. Take a closer look at our references here.

Even though the products we design are often complicated, we have done our best to make our own services as uncomplicated as possible. We want everybody, not just the technically talented ones, to understand what we do and what our services involve.

A man has written the words reliability, service, efficiency and quality and drawn arrows which point at the word customer accompanied with a smiley face.

Customer-focused attitude, high-quality execution


We want to make sure that the work we deliver to our customers always is of high quality and meets the customer’s expectations. This is why we have an internal quality control system in use, which means e.g. that every finished work is always reviewed by another designer. We also listen to our customers very carefully and evaluate each customer’s specific needs at the beginning of the project, and the customer is kept posted throughout the entire project.

Thanks to our designers’ strong know-how and all the projects they have executed with a high level of professionalism and quality, we have been able to build many prosperous customer relationships and grow. When our company was founded, it only employed one person, our current CEO. Today we have already a dozen designers on our payroll and continue to grow.

Are you interested in our services? Read more about them here. Or would you like to work for us? Check our career page here.