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Optotec Group Oy is an expert company offering versatile product development services, founded in 2010. Our core services include mechanical design and product development, computer-aided engineering, technical documentation, consulting, as well as component manufacturing and procurement. Our office is located in Oulu, but since our services are not location-dependent, we can serve clients throughout Finland and internationally.

Our story in a nutshell

When Optotec was founded, it only employed one person, our current CEO. During the early years, our focus was on the mechanical design of optical devices, and a piece of this history can still be found in the name of our company. Today, we have over a dozen product development professionals on our payroll.

As our personnel has grown, our expertise and services have diversified, enabling us to serve a wider range of clients. While companies developing optical devices remain one of our key customer segments, we also serve companies developing electronic and medical equipment, industrial companies, as well as emerging start-ups. Explore our references in more detail here.

Customer focus and quality as keys to growth

Delivering high-quality work that meets customer requirements is a matter of pride for us, and this commitment is supported by the Optotec Quality Manual, which guides all our operations. The Quality Manual defines the key principles by which we ensure the realization of high Optotec Quality and customer orientation in all client projects.

Thanks to our designers’ strong know-how and all the projects they have executed with a high level of professionalism and quality, we have been able to build many prosperous customer relationships and grow, and the growth continues.

Learn more about the principles of Optotec Quality here.

In case you are looking for a knowledgeable and service-oriented product development partner that takes quality seriously, we are here for you.  You will find our contact information here

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